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Larie Thomas

Larie Thomas

Client Solutions Manager

In my role, I handle a wide range of tasks, from paperwork processing and document retention to organizing clients and scheduling meetings. I also maintain our CRM system and provide ongoing service and support to each client.

What drives me the most is my desire to take on new responsibilities and learn new things, big or small. This passion for growth helps me evolve as an employee and bring more value to our team. The encouraging Semper Fidelis Financial work environment motivates me, and I find great joy in keeping our clients happy. By helping clients prepare and feel comfortable, I strive to set them up for a confident life after retirement.

As an outgoing and personable individual, I love interacting with new people. I appreciate that finance is more than just crunching numbers all day. In my opinion, one of the most critical aspects of finance is building healthy, lasting relationships with prospects and clients. Getting to know people on a personal level enables me to cater to their financial goals more effectively. The rapid growth of financial technology and the constant evolution of the financial services sector intrigues me and inspires me to grow alongside the industry.

Despite genuinely enjoying interacting with clients and getting to know them, one of my favorite aspects of my job is the endless opportunities for career and personal growth. I relish taking on more responsibility than the average person and pushing myself to excel in my role.