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James Collins

My story begins with my service in the United States Marine Corps, where I discovered my passion for the financial field and the power it has to create financial freedom for those who matter most.

While deployed with my fellow Marines in Southeast Asia, I noticed that many of us were grappling with fundamental financial challenges. This realization ignited a desire within me to help my comrades, and I began taking courses through my bank to better understand and address these financial matters. As my knowledge grew, so did my enthusiasm for finance, and I found myself immersed in a world of learning and discovery.

During our deployment to Afghanistan in 2012, my newfound interest in finance inspired a small group of us to form an investment club. We would research stocks and share insights in between missions, exploring the world of investments together. This experience solidified my passion for finance and helped me recognize the impact I could have on others by sharing my knowledge.

Upon returning to the States and being stationed in Ohio, I decided to take my passion for finance a step further by enrolling in graduate school. I earned my MBA in Finance from Ohio University in 2015, and this accomplishment marked the beginning of my career as a Wealth Advisor.

Today, I continue to serve as a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, drawing from my 13-year military background to inform my work with clients. My wife, Vesna, and I live in Brunswick, Ohio, where we are raising our two daughters, Hailey Rose and Everley. Our family's core values are faith, family, freedom, finances, and fun, which guide us in our daily lives and our commitment to our community.

I'm an active member of the Brunswick Rotary Club, where I collaborate with local and global organizations on fundraising and service projects. My current focus is on pediatric cancer research and supporting emergency services. At Semper Fidelis Financial, I believe that relationships are the foundation of our success. It all begins with a conversation and learning about one another's goals and aspirations.